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RNC 2016 :: This July, AMERICAN BABYLON traveled to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. First stop on the beautiful shitshow tour, 2016. We met psychos and mothers and anti-fascists and fascists and racists and #BREXIT dude Nigel Farage and Presidential hopeful Gary Johnson and protesters from every possible walk of life and legions of police and oh so many others. Cleveland, by the way, is a fabulous city. Everyone should go. 

AMERICAN BABYLON caught up with Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson on the streets of Cleveland. Gary was warm and affable and smart and we especially appreciate his whole, "I want to let people out of prison" mentality. We only regret not asking him to smoke a joint with us, but that's how these things go. We spoke about the debate stage, a place Gary seems highly unlikely to see at this point, and climate change and criminal justice reform. 

AMERICAN BABYLON was thrilled and disgusted to run into #BREXIT architect and general overall nativist Nigel Farage. Disgust is a word we hear from the Trump campaign quite a bit, usually in relation to media coverage of the Trump campaign, or the unfair way in which Trump is being treated, or Hillary's disgusting ties to lobbyists. We think Trump says disgusting way too much. Having said that, Nigel Farage is a pretty disgusting guy. He rallied people in Britain to the cause of leaving the European Union through xenophobia, scare tactics, and lots of bullshit. SO much bullshit you might say it's pretty disgusting, how much bullshit was piled on the situation by Mr. Nigel Farage. Here we are asking him how it feels to be the most hated man in the U.K. - answer: "It's... Okay."

AMERICAN BABYLON documented Monday at the RNC in Cleveland. Here we are speaking to a long list of interesting people including Street Performers AKA Sax man & Ms. Montini & Sosha & Chris from Minnesota & Morris Pearl of Patriotic Millionares & Trolls on Bullhorns @ Public Square & Pauline from Cleveland & Guy with Cross, yelling & People who don't want you to masturbate & Vinny from Street Medics & the one and only Melissa from Cleveland