American Babylon podcast: "A Tale of Two Martha McSally's" part 1

The Tale of Two McSally's : part 1 : "I'm a Trained Killer"

American Babylon's Bryan Sanders sits down to talk all things Martha McSally with Indivisible Southern AZ's Kristen Randall

Republican Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally has been in the news of late after secret audio recordings emerged in which McSally can be heard contradicting her own public positions on a number of matters (including the repeal of Dodd-Frank) while addressing a group of out-of-district bankers at an event. 

Martha McSally's offhand use of the phrase, "I'm a trained killer" and the awkward laughter that follows have a certain depth of irony in the aftermath of the shooting of Republican Congresspeople in Virginia. Not to mention that McSally holds the seat once held by two Congresspeople who were shot: Gabby Giffords and Ron Barber. She then goes on to claim that she told the President, "You can pry it from my cold, dead hands" in reference to the A10 fighter jet. 

We discuss the recordings and the overall problems of Martha McSally with Indivisible Southern AZ's Kristen Randall - we hear some clips from the recordings and get into the weeds of Marthaland: "Where there is always a hero, and her name is Martha McSally"

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This is Part 1 - Part 2 will be released later this week.