"Lock Her Up!"

Watching this video now is quite strange. There are moments of unintentional hilarity:
Me: "And one of his supporters took it upon himself to punch and kick me a little bit."
Reporter (has no idea what to say to this): "... Okay."

Mainly, there is deep naivety on my part about what is coming next. Hell, nobody I knew was seriously contemplating what a Trump presidency would mean. American Babylon drove directly from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The #1 hit chant at the RNC was: "Lock her up!" - it was on all of the signs and all of the shirts and generally just everywhere you looked, you saw the words or heard people chanting them. Trump's friend and future member of his administration, Mike Flynn, went on stage and led the crowd inside the convention in chanting for the opposition candidate HIllary Clinton to be thrown in jail for crimes unspecified. Flynn would eventually be forced to resign from his post as National Security Advisor and may well be locked up himself.

The #1 slogan we saw and heard at the DNC? 

"Lock her up!"

Here are some of the photos our own Jimi Giannatti made at the RNC. The chasm we have between the two sides of the country is right here in these photos. Two movies are playing, and the audiences of each are not speaking to each other in a language that translates.